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Michael Navarrete


On Stage
Based out of

Austin, TX

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Cap city comedy

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A long long time ago in a city far far away from Austin...well three hours North; In Dallas a baby was born with a natural knack for jokes. The name Michael Navarrete would become synonymous with comedy. His unknown talent was practiced in high school theater class and later pursued as a career. From there, Michael went on to KD Studios where he developed his unique brand of humor and stage presence. If you dislike stupid people and Hamburglars then Mikes antics will surely make you pee your pants, so make sure to bring an extra pair. His credits include Long John Silvers and Nike commercials as well as winning the Sierra Mist Search for the Next Great Comic, in Austin. So come check The Navs family friendly comedy that you should never bring your family to.

Me at The Velveeta room

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