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Mike Cody

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

New York, US

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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At first glance, Mike Cody looks more like an computer repairman than an entertainer. However, Mike's bookish appearance is shattered the moment he launches into his act, a non-stop barrage of dark punchlines and quirky observations from one of the most unique young voices in comedy.

Born and raised in a working class Pennsylvania town, Mike spent most of his young life trying to find a balance between his coffeehouse mentality and his blue collar surroundings. After earning a communication degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2001, Mike moved to Cincinnati, OH in pursuit of his incredibly ridiculous longtime goal to become the greatest professional wrestling manager of all time.

Predictably, Mike's wrestling school experience was a complete bust. He settled into an unfulfilling job as a paper pusher at a law firm and started counting the days until retirement. While at lunch one day, Mike ran across an ad for stand-up classes taught by comedian Jeff Jena. Mike wound up taking the class, partly out of need to prove to himself that the corporate world hadn?t completely sucked out his soul, and tore the house down at his graduation performance in March of 2004.

Since that time, Mike's original, energetic material has made him a favorite at comedy clubs and rock venues throughout the Midwest. Mike has also won several comedy competitions, most notably the Cincinnati division of the 2005 Sierra Mist Next Great Comic Contest.

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