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Rev. Mitcz

Comedian, Writer

Bad Girls Club, Riffopolis Podcast Network, Straight Riffin, Aural Salvation


On Stage
Based out of

Hollywood, Los Angeles County

Home Club

Federal Bar

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Rev. Mitcz (pronounced "Reverend Mitch", but you can call him "Mitch") is a Stand-up Comedian, host of multiple podcasts, occasional indie actor, and all-around nutcase living in the jaded city of Hollywood, CA.

While Rev. Mitcz's stand-up comedy can be at times jarring and abrasive, he presents an endearing and silly worldview on life and society. His comedic appeal is a mixture of his stage presence, his unique personal appearance, and his dark self-awareness that exposes surprising honesty. The energetic and often upbeat nature of his act becomes infectious - making audiences laugh at subject matter they'd normally find appalling.

Straight Riffin

A podcast with Rev. Mitcz and Teddy Tutson, two comedians who are just straight riffin' on the subjects of the day