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Mo Alexander

Comedian, Writer

April 5th 2015 I died and was brought back. Now I'm back for revenge....


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Memphis, TN

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When Mo Alexander hits the stage, it's clear that you're in the hands of a man who knows what he's doing. Mo combines intelligence and debauchery into a product that is just as funny as it is important. His comedy influences include Bill Hicks, Paul Mooney, and Richard Pryor. With an ability to access both the smartest and the stupidest parts of your brain, there's a reason this comedy phenom has been headlining comedy clubs nationwide for over 20 years. He began his professional full-time comedy career in July of 1996 performing in clubs throughout the states and by 1999 he was headlining. Mo Alexander is one of the most complete comics working in clubs and private events around today.

Mo's comedy history includes his own Las Vegas show, "The Mo Funny Show" at the Casino Royale (2003). After impressing Keenan Ivory Wayans with a good natured roast, he was asked to be the opening act on tour (1999) with Keenan. Since 1995, his comedic skills have given way to bigger opportunities on television, such as appearances on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and has even made an appearance in Poison’s Bret Michael’s film, Letters from Death Row. In the past few years, Mo has been on several syndicated radio shows in major markets, such as Bob & Tom (Indianapolis), and Mancow (Chicago), and made his way through the ranks to become a semi-finalist in both the San Francisco Comedy Competition (2012) and the Seattle Comedy Comedy Competition (2013) and a headliner at a number of other festivals such as, Asheville Comedy Fest (2015), Altercation Festival (2016), Hopkins Comedy Festival (2017), and Memphis Comedy Festival (2017). Earlier this summer (2017), Mo taped his first national stand-up appearance for Comedy Central, appearing in the Kevin Hart Presents series "Hart of the City: Memphis Edition."

Mo has released four CD's: Evolution (2006), Nappy Headed Hoes and Other FCC Infractions (2008), Just in case the Mayans are Right.... (2012, which was featured on the iTunes new and notable charts front page for 5 months), and Got Clots (2016)
as could only be told from inside the comedic mind of Mo Alexander. This hilarious look at life from the perspective of 77 days of hospitalization was released exactly one year, on April 5th, from the time of his first death and resurrection which occurred on April 5, 2015 (Easter Sunday).

To say that Mo is funny is like saying that Michelangelo was a good painter. Taking all of life's absurdities and creating a night of hysterical laughter is why Mo Alexander is one of this industries greats. Mo takes a lifetime of experience and insight and transforms them into some of the most ingenious laugh riots you will ever experience in your life. Not for the faint of heart, or mind, intelligent and hard-hitting are two terms that best describe what everyone that has ever been to a Mo Alexander Show will experience. Nothing compares to the energy of a room when Mo is through with it. Watching Mo Alexander is a night of hilarity and mischief that one won’t soon forget. Though, he usually tries to leave you with the underlying message,”I’m trying to save the world, one comedy show at a time.” You realize that not only are you entertained, you're changed. You have a mission: "to slap the stupid!"

My newest CD entitled "Got Clots" out April 5th 2016

Got Clots by Mo Alexander on ITunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other download services

“"Mo doesn't suck."”

— Joel Pace
Heffron Talent International

“Mo is in the "must have" group of comics ”

— Jamie Morgan
GM Carolina Comedy Club

“Delightfully ignorant ”

— Roz McCoy

Seattle comedy competition tv clean night 2013

Hosted on YouTube

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark show Taping, May 4 2016

Hosted on YouTube

Semi-finalist San Francisco Comedy Competition


Semi-Finalist Seattle Comedy Competition


Chicago Comedy exposition performer


Laugh your Asheville festival performer 2013

Headliner 2015

Altercation comedy festival Austin, Tx

Headliner 2016

Got Clots

Released 2016


Hopkins comedy festival Headliner

Hopkins, Mn