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Nathan Gropp

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Indianapolis, IN

Home Club

Mortys Comedy Joint, Indianapolis, IN

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Nathan Gropp is a comedian. He is a fixture in the Indianapolis scene and has opened for Henry Phillips, Ms. Pat, Shane Mauss, Stewart Huff, and Michael Ian Black. Nate participated in the first annual Crossroads Comedy Festival in Indianapolis and has recently started featuring at some of the top clubs throughout the midwest, including Morty's Comedy Joint, a club he is proud to call home. Grounded in his love of absurdity as well as the guilt-ridden weirdness of growing up very Catholic, Nate's comedy is irreverent, whimsical, edgy, and always fun. He also thinks that jokes about writing in 3rd person at the end of biographies are pretty played out, so he doesn't do that anymore.