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Nathan Timmel

Comedian, Actor, Blogger, Podcaster, Writer

nathan timmel

Based out of

Iowa City, IA

Home Club

Penguins Comedy Club, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Not as serious as Plato, but lighter than Socrates. Not as edgy as Clinton, but livelier than Nixon. Not as heavy as GWAR, but deeper than Culture Club. Nathan finds humor in everything from making babies to overcrowded prisons, creating comedy that’s intelligent, fun, and engaging (with a sprinkling of raucousness). A talented storyteller, he builds on real-life anecdotes that draw you in before hitting you with the punch line you didn’t see coming.

Only Slightly Offensive

Released 2013

Smarter Than Your Average Idiot

Released 2008

An Idiot Speaks

Released 2006

My Doogie Howser Daughter

Hosted on YouTube

ISIS Beheadings

Hosted on YouTube

Only Slightly Offensive

Released 2013