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Nick Trammell

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Atlanta, GA

Home Club

Laughing Skull Lounge, Atlanta, GA

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My words, it's the same story everybody else has, watched Johnny Carson as a toddler, imitated Jim Carrey as a child, ripped open nut sac as a teenager, class clown... whatever, and now I do stand-up which made me socially awkward as a person. Ex Girl friend’s words I recently had the privilege to meet and interview aspiring comedian Nick Trammell. Beginning the comedic journey at the age of 19, Nick quickly learned what brings laughs and what gets only a confused audience. His tenacity in this business has provided him with the knowledge to continue climbing the ladder. With inspirations that range from Andy Kauffman to Rodney Dangerfield to Mitch Hedberg, Nick brings material that can reach all audiences. In addition to jokes and stories of life Nick also creates comedic songs which allows his listeners to experience all his talents as an entertainer. Nick has the ability to entertain his audience while making each member feel as though they are all his friends, not just a spectator. When dealing with hecklers, Nick does not lose his cool, but brings them into his bit which, in turn, shows his professionalism in this business. Thus far in his journey Nick has done many open mic nights, has been spotlighted on comcast’s "on demand" for Atlanta locals, hosted a show, participated in contests as well as headlined a show. While Nick is constantly learning the business of show business, he has received many words of encouragement from fellow comedians, including Ron White. The best advice Nick received is to not care, don’t give up, be yourself but most importantly have fun. Through his routines Nick brings an eclectic mix of comedic satire with real life events that have an emotional meaning and some what mimics a poetry themed show. Nick has such a demanding stage presence, he immediately engages the audience when he steps onto the stage. In conclusion I would like to say the world of stand-up comedy is a most surreal yet fascinating place I have ever had the luck of experiencing. With inspirations of wide variety of historic comedians Nick manages to create a show that is as much funny as it is original. He has a punch line that can relate to many demographics. I strongly encourage all those that read this to go see a show and support a comedian the comedy world would be lucky to take in. To quote Nick "Comedy is the most euphoric bliss of pain you could ever imagine".