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Sam Norton

Comcast, FOX, JBTV


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Toronto, ON

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As an elf with the soul of a pit-bull, Sam Norton’s rage filled heart, twists and distorts his audience by giving them a glimpse through his humorous blood red lens. After years of toiling away in the rotting basement of the entertainment business, Norton performs to sold-out audiences in clubs & theaters across the nation. Sam has been seen on FOX’s “Laughs”, JBTV’s “Four Star Stand Up” & Comcast’s “Trial By Laughter”. Every time Norton performs he manifests his bubbling anger into a relentless package of humility, debauchery & heartwarming honesty which RE: Comedy Magazine called “… deviant comedy”. With his cantankerous optimism, Sam showcases the everyday dilemmas a white trash kid from Kansas has while trying to navigate the real world scenarios of racism, sexism and homophobia. And if all those words don’t impress you, then reading this was a waste of both of our time.

Food is Our Only Redeeming Quality

Comedy Bar Chicago

Recorded 6.28.2014

You Ever Do That?

Skyline Comedy Cafe

Recorded 6.29.2013

Baby Boomers

Skyline Comedy Cafe

Recorded 10.20.2012

Generation Gap

Skyline Comedy Cafe

Recorded 10.20.2012