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Sam Zayvan


On Stage
Based out of

Atlanta, GA

Home Club

Laughing Skull Lounge

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Sam Zayvan is a stand up comedian and writer. He has worked all across the country, playing comedy clubs, casinos, and anywhere else with a stage and a mike. He has finally settled in Atlanta, where he is a regular at the Laughing Skull Lounge and the Improv comedy club. He is also active on the festival circuit, having performed at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, and the Norfolk Comedy Festival to name a few. The topic of his comedy is anything in his weird mind. Sorry you had to read this.

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It's Hard Ladies

Laughing Skull Lounge

Recorded 9.12.2012

Respecting The Gay Community

Laughing Skull Lounge

Recorded 11.22.2014

Friends From The Hood

Laughing Skull Lounge

Recorded 4.8.2015