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Scott Long

Comedian, Blogger, Podcaster, Writer

FOX-TV, NBC, Comcast, ESPN radio, Bob and Tom


On Stage
Based out of

Indianapolis, IN

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I've accomplished a lot of my goals in comedy like writing a book, writing for a network TV show, releasing comedy CD's and DVD's, making brief appearances on TV...A major focus of mine is bringing a funny, but truthful view to what it's like to be the parent of a child on the autism spectrum.

My material is focused on the dark truths of my personal life. I'm living a life I never expected to be living, as I'm a breeder who now feels great pressure to create a good childhood for my brood.

I'm just your typical comic filled with narcissism and self-loathing. I'm such a comedic cliche.

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This is where I tell crazy stories from the road and spout off more than half-baked ideas about standup.

Good Dad... Not A Great Dad

Released 2013