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Sean Green

Crashletes, Hulu, Ridiculousness, Montreal Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival,...


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

Home Club

MI's Westside Comedy Theater, Santa Monica, CA

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A Bethlehem, PA native Sean Green has brought his East Coast sensibilities to the Los Angeles comedy scene. Known for his brazenly honest story telling Sean isn’t afraid to share the hilarious episodes that perpetuate his personal life.

Currently Sean is working as the head writer for Rob Gronkowski's Crashletes which premieres this Summer. You can see Sean at his monthly sports talk show at the Westside Comedy Theater or weekly performances at The Comedy Garage in Echo Park.

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One Testicle

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 5.17.2014

Going to Hell

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 5.31.2014

Penn State Politics

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 3.12.2014

Quiznos Dreams

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 4.22.2014