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Sean Smith

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Louisville, KY

Home Club

Laughing Derby at Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY

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Sean Smith is a stand-up comedian born, raised, and living in Louisville, KY. He has been performing in bars, clubs, and since 2006, performing mostly observational and personal material. Sean has performed around the Midwest at clubs like Go Bannanas in Cincinnati, OH, Crackers Comedy Club and Morty’s in Indianapolis, IN, and the Louisville Improv and Comedy Caravan in Louisville. He has also featured at colleges such as the University of Kentucky, Centre College, and Indiana University.

Sean started his comedy career as a part of a three man hip-hop freestyle comedy group called as the Local MCs. They were one of the featured performances at the Gulf Coast Comedy Festival in 2006 and 2007. After their last performance, Sean began to focus more on stand-up and worked to build his act. Along the way, he performed with some of the nation’s more talented acts, including Nick Cannon, John “Pops” Witherspoon, Jay Philips, and Steve Brown. Sean’s comedic talent is recognized city-wide; in 2010, Sean beat out 50 other comedians from around the region and was voted the winner of the Louisville Improv Comedy Derby contest, and in 2012 was voted the funniest black comedian in Louisville by The Comedy Caravan and the Kent Carney award for Comedian of the Year in 2014. In addition to the stage, you can also find Sean’s comedic stylings at the Podcast "BOUT TIME" that he hosts with Patrick Passifume on Itunes and