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Stu Kosh

Comedian, Writer


On Stage
Based out of

Los Angeles, CA

Home Club

Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank)

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Stu Kosh moved to the US from India when he was 9 years old. He learned that being funny was a whole lot easier than running away. He hopes you enjoy all of his stories, heartache, and his receding hair line. He used to have a unibrow, but he paid someone to rip it off his face.

Burbank Flappers Comedy Club

Hosted on YouTube

Stu Kosh, August 26, 2006

Rooftop at Large

Recorded 8.26.2006

Stu Kosh, August 11, 2006

San Francisco Comedy Club

Recorded 8.11.2006

Kosh 5 Minutes

Hosted on YouTube