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Travis Tate

Comedian, Writer

Nick Mom, Comcast, Rooftop,


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Salt Lake City, UT

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Travis is a comedian who is making a name for himself in the comedy scene because of his slightly different outlook on life. He has been a husband and father for literally his entire adult life. Although he has done the best he can, fatherhood has been one “We’ll laugh about this later” moment after another.
His comedy is self- deprecating, insightful, clever, and most of all, funny. He examines marriage, parenting, geek culture, his own character flaws as well as his own arrested development. His stand-up is meant to make people laugh at the ridiculousness of life and the people who live it.
Travis has entertained crowds at clubs and theaters all throughout the West. He has worked with comedians Tom Green, The Sklar Brothers, Tommy Johnagin, Gary Gulman, Carlos Mencia, Dave Coulier, Mick Foley, Jamie Kennedy, Nate Bargatze, Jackie Kashian, Lisa Landry, Cash Levy, Ryan Hamilton, and Lachlan Patterson. Travis has been a part of the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Salt Lake Comic Con, and the Salt Lake Comedy Festival. He can also be found on,, and has been a featured artist on