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Wayne Memmott

Comedian, Writer

Funniest Person in Cincinnati, Clubs across the Mid-West


On Stage
Based out of

Cincinnati, OH

Home Club

Go Bananas, Cincinnati, OH

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Wayne Memmott is your typical white, male comedian who thinks his life is interesting enough to comment on. Wayne likes to share stories about his past career as a teacher, his family, and his girlfriend, and how much fun they bring to his life. Wayne's only hope on stage is that his life stories will bring as much joy to you as they have to him.

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My Name Is Wayne

Go Bananas

Recorded 8.31.2011

My Picking

Go Bananas

Recorded 6.13.2012

Big Spoon Adventures

Go Bananas

Recorded 3.6.2013

I Want to Be Like Mike

Go Bananas

Recorded 7.11.2012