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Wes Hofmann

Comedian, Podcaster, Producer, Writer

KOFY TV, Redwood Comedy Festival


On Stage
Based out of

San Jose, CA

Home Club

Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club, Sunnyvale, CA

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Wesley's first dream in life was to become a professional baseball players. Raised as an Oakland A's fan, Wesley played eight years in little league baseball with no other dream than to become a Major Leaguer. The baseball dream came to an end though when his site started to get worse and hitting the ball became more difficult. Wesley was also born with a heart murmur which meant he could only do limited weightlifting which doesn't go well with a baseball playing career.

In 1993, Wesley became involved in acting. He joined a local children's theatre group called the Children's Playhouse which mixed acting with musical numbers. At this point, Wesley was hooked on performing.

At Oak Grove High School in San Jose from 1996-2000, Wesley was a Drama Student all four years. His Senior year in High School, Wesley was also the Drama Club President as well as a member of the Musical Theatre class.

Always the quiet one in class, Wesley would find a way in the class to make jokes with other students while the teachers weren't paying attention. In high school, only a select few seemed to understand his puns and style of humor, and thus made friend and classmate Stephen Jones create the term "Wes Joke," which has stuck ever since.

Wesley continued his acting training and got more involved in Stand-Up Comedy while attending DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA. Wesley did his first comedy routine at DeAnza making fun of his prominent Adam's Apple. The set was televised on DeAnza's Cable Channel.

In 2004, Wesley took an eight week comedy college course with comedian Kurtis Matthews and The San Francisco Comedy College. Four weeks of the class focused on writing and four weeks focused on performing with a final performance held at Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club in Sunnyvale, CA. Wesley surprised his peers "where did this quiet kid get all that energy?" and made many connections on the comedy circuit thanks to the class.

Wesley went onto San Jose State where he appeared in numerous stage productions including in February 2005 as the lead role of George Milton in Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck. In Fall 2007, he gradauted with his Bachelor Arts Degree in Theatre Arts.

Today, Wesley continues to audition for theatre productions and perform stand-up comedy. "The two different art forms really help make each other stronger," Wesley says. "I love the challenge of stand-up, because it is only you, yourself, and there are expectations to make people laugh. With Theatre, you have a much bigger support group and a script that is written for you, but the adrenaline is still just as amazing."

Wesley's comedian influences include Jim Carrey, Daniel Tosh, and Steve Martin. He has performed comedy at places such as the San Jose Improv, Rooster T. Feathers, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Stanford University, and more! He produced and hosted monthly comedy shows in Gilroy and Morgan Hill (in California) from 2006 thru 2013.