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Wes Smith

#1 on Reverb Nation's Indianapolis Comedy Charts


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Crackers Comedy Club Broad Ripple, Indianapolis...

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Set on making his mark on the comedy scene Wes Smith is a dissector of life, self, & society. Animated, deep, & vulgar (sometimes all three at once) Born in '86 with an enlarged heart & cardio related ailments which led to a pacemaker in the 4th grade. Having been infatuated with comedy & making people laugh since a child along with his medical history the saying, "laughter's the best medicine" rings true here.

#1 on Reverb Nation's Indianapolis Comedy Charts, Finalist in The Joke Factory's Make Me Laugh Comedy Contest (2013) & a series of comedy EP's titled , "Things I've Said Places" may just mean he isn't going anywhere soon!

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Sexy Personality

Crackers Comedy Club Broad Ripple

Recorded 11.5.2013

Things I've Said Places... (An EP Comedy Series)

Vol. 1 & 2 Available on Reverb Nation