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XMan Xavier King

Comedian, Booker, Comedy Club, Manager, Writer

Look Who Laughing (TV) Comedy at the Cumberland, Boston Comedy Festival, Dogwood Festiv...


On Stage
Based out of

Cleveland, OH

Home Club

The Comedy Catch, Chattanooga, TN

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Xavier Reginald King a.k.a. "X-MAN" was born in Mobile, Alabama. At the tender age of five, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio. X-MAN found himself engulfed with the love for comedy, as a child growing up a very comical family.

Xavier comedy style is unique blend of family, friend and just life in General..combined with quirky twist? You never know where he's gonna take you, but you'll enjoy the ride! From a young age XMan always had a knack for making people laugh, he's animated, conscience and his timing of story telling has captivated people since early childhood

These humble beginnings marked the start of a wild adventure that has given X-MAN a completely different outlook on life's up and downs.

He uses true-life experiences to show people that everything from discipline of your kids to death has humor within it, and he believes that it's only a matter of loving GOD and life itself to finding a way to laugh. He has the uncanny ability to take his experiences and turn them into an electrifying performance.

X-MAN is headed to being one of the best comedians to surface in years!