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Andrew Polk

Comedian, Actor, Booker, Director, Podcaster, Producer, Writer

As seen on Viceland, Seeso, and Esquire.

Based out of

New Orleans, LA

Home Club

Howlin' Wolf Den

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Hi there. I’m Andrew Polk, a stand-up comedian from New Orleans, currently living in Los Angeles. I’ve toured with Todd Barry, and Sean Patton, gotten hand-picked by Louis C.K. to host a set of shows for him in New Orleans, opened for Hannibal Buress at a few sold out theaters, and for Dave Attell as he recorded his Road Work special for Comedy Central (you can hear me announce him on it!).

I’ve been interviewed for The Guardian and Savage Henry Magazine, and I’ve had tweets featured on Gawker, and Paste. Tweets! Do people listen to podcasts? Sure they do. Well, I’ve been on The Nerdist Network’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, and Terrified! with Dave Ross. Neat!

TV is cool too! I managed to squeeze a line in on Esquire Network’s Best Bars in America, showing now on Delta flights pretty regularly, I think. I normally fly Spirit. I also got cool spots on Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and in Yes, And, a pilot starring Sean Patton and Brooks Wheelan. Oh! My televised stand-up debut was in April 2016 for Viceland’s show Flophouse, directed by Lance Bangs.

I don’t know how to sum up my comedy. I like to have fun, I like to get cheesed off, and I like to be good. I guess that’s about it.

Acne Coverup

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 1.15.2014

You Can tell I'm In Great Shape

MI's Westside Comedy Theater

Recorded 1.15.2014

The Fraudcast

Joe Cardosi and Andrew Polk get furious at the modern world. Available on iTunes and



Hidden America with Jonah Ray


Best Bars in America

Esquire Network

Massive Fraud Presents: Altercall

A stand-up comedy awakening. Wed. Sept 14th at Open Space in Los Angeles.